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Solar System Components Provider

Complete Your Solar Projects with MOREDAY – The Professional's Choice for Quality and Variety.

Ensuring Excellence, MOREDAY's Quality Control Sets Industry Benchmarks

Experience the MOREDAY difference: our dedicated technicians meticulously test each product to guarantee superior performance and safety in all solar components

Endless Possibilities: MOREDAY's Molds Craft the Finest Solar Accessories

Discover the heart of solar customization at MOREDAY, where our extensive molds pave the way for endless possibilities in high-quality solar accessory production

Genuine Factory, Genuine Quality: MOREDAY's Commitment to Solar Excellence

At MOREDAY, we don't just promise; we deliver. Our genuine factory setup is a testament to our commitment to creating top-tier solar products.

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One stop solar componments wholesale distributor /Manufacturer --No Middleman

Established in 2009, MOREDAY SOLAR (MINDIAN ELECTRIC CO.,LTD) main products are including DC and AC circuit breaker (MCB), DC lighting surge protector (SPD),DC isolation switch, DC molded case circuit breaker (MCCB), DC fuse,and whole series of DC MC4 Solar connector ,EV charger and so on.
Take a virtual step into MOREDAY's factory and witness the genuine manufacturing might behind every solar accessory we meticulously craft


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MOREDAY: Where Five-Star Service Meets Solar Expertise

The highest ratings from our customers underscore MOREDAY’s commitment to five-star service and unmatched solar expertise

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Empower Your Business with MOREDAY's Excellence in Solar PV Solutions
Direct Factory Advantage

With more than 15 years experience of solar accessories , Leverage our 10 cutting-edge production lines for unmatched quality and efficiency in solar PV accessories.

OEM/ODM Mastery with Certified Excellence

Customized solutions crafted for your specific business needs and brand identity with TUV,CE,CB Certification.

Extensive Product Range

From DC MCBs to combiner boxes, our diverse portfolio caters to all your solar PV accessory needs.

Focused B2B Wholesale Model

Enjoy streamlined, bulk purchasing processes specifically designed for the discerning needs of business clients

Moderate pricing

We offer moderate wholesale prices on all our solar products, so you can get the best deals possible with quality .

Fast Shipping

We offer fast shipping on all orders. We also have a large inventory of products already in stock for quick shipment.

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From DC MCBs to PV connectors, we specialize in delivering products that meet your high standards. Connect with us for a partnership that powers success。

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